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This is true.

I am scared of going to the Post Office.

I'm not alone in this, I know that. But it's still extremely frustrating. Today is the deadline for posting audiography mixes, and I've had them sitting in envelopes for quite a while now, waiting to be sent. I've got to go to a post office; I've got to talk to someone behind a little perspex window because two of them are going to America and one is going to Singapore. I usually get my mum to post things for me, because I am convinced that if I go to the post office, I will be in a queue with four hundred tiny mad old people, and I will get in their way, and they will hate me for being young and tall, but even more, they will hate me for being clueless, because I'll have to ask questions at the little perspex window and I'll hold them up. I am convinced that when I leave the post office, it will be to be greeted by an army of pensioners, all of whom will try to kill me.

Somewhat oddly, I really do mean this. Oh well. katyha, I'd hope there's one in Clapham somewhere, and do you suppose you could be persuaded to come with me at least as far as the door?


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