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So anyway.

Yes, Goblet Of Fire is exceptional (apart from Ralph Fiennes, who is dreadful) - go and see it, all of you. Oh, the bewildering hotness of the twins Cedric Draco EVERYONE. Also, evening at katyha's was lovely. I know some wonderful people.

Mother and I have just worked out the Terms of Christmas, such that provided I come home with her on the 18th and do the tree on the 20th, I can come back on the 21st (for katyha's Xmas do) and stay for the 22nd (for The Modern's). So I will be at that gig after all. Hurrah!

In other news, everyone is insane - apart from Chris, obviously - and I am very tired. I've absolutely got to do something about the state of the house over the next couple of days. It's bad enough that I literally don't know where or how to start. Ah well, I'll work it out. Have a good Sunday, kids.

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