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Today I have been mostly winning, in the following ways :

* Delivered dad's tapes to Talking Bookshop. Many brownie points, plus the chance to wander along Oxford St - please, please, if you get the chance and have some money to spend on clothes, take time to go to Zara sometime soon. Their clothes right now are exquisite and painfully cheap, and I know they're fascistic high street bastards about sizing but they've got some gorgeous accessories as well.

* Speaking of gorgeous accessories, bought a beautiful leopardprint scarf from John Lewis. I wasn't going to, but...

* ...the salesgirl was very pretty, and we got talking about burlesque clubs and music, and she mentioned that she loved Ladytron but they were a bit too robotic for her, so I told her about The Modern. When I left she was jumping up and down and writing 'Jane Falls Down' on her hand so she could buy it in her lunchbreak.

* Acquired the first of this year's Christmas presents. I know, it's not December yet, but my family are hell to shop for.

* This is my favourite - went to electronic music lecture, managed to charm lecturer into setting me essay on 1980s electronic pop music. Really. Win win win. :)

What else? Oh, yes, I remember. rathenar, apparently - for god knows what reason - Liberty's are doing KISS russian dolls this Christmas. I dread to think how much they are, but I thought you should know.

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