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Weekend and things.

My family are nuts. They really are. I mean, there was nothing particularly spectacular this visit (though "How can you be upset about him if we've never heard of him?" is one of those pieces of maternal logic that never fail to amaze) - it's just that they are, simply, nuts. Everyone they know is also nuts. It's quite nice to be back here alone in my little house, however drastically it needs tidying. (There's only one possible answer...)

Good news : audiography is having another mix trade and I got in in time to be involved this time around. Hurray! Poor unsuspecting people in other countries are going to have my taste in music inflicted on them. Bad news : BBC Ceefax's music forum The Vibe has had its day and is being phased out tomorrow. Good news, though : Today, its last day, featured someone writing in to talk about how good The Modern are. It wasn't me.

I think, although I could be wrong, that next week is the last week of this term of college. If I get to the end of that, I've basically done a term. This is a bigger achievement than it sounds.

I have stolen some James Joyce from my father in the hope that I'll like it more than he did. I think that's all. Oh, and Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson were wrestling on the floor on Top Gear today, which helped.


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