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My butterflies have butterflies

It being Saturday night, a time when basically nobody reads LJ so this won't come across too cloying, I'd just like to say thanks to all the people who've gone out this week and bought copies of 'Jane Falls Down'. Also to those of you who couldn't get it but asked me to get it for you; your copies are here and you'll get them as soon as I see you.
The charts, tomorrow afternoon, will tell the story, but of course it won't be the whole story. If they don't make the top 40, it's not the end of the world. Come and see them live. Let them fill your heart with music and glitter the way they have mine. There's nothing like them in the galaxy, not here and now, and as long as we can stand a little glamour in our lives we should welcome them with open arms and bottles of champagne. We need this band. You need this band. I need this band. And this band need us, so, yes. Thank you, all of you who've helped this week. Thank you.

Really. You don't know how much I mean that.

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