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Theatre of life


Standing with his back to the wall, looking like a rabbit in the headlights, is a SOMEWHAT NERDY BOY. Facing him, weight on one hip, smiling, is a CONFIDENT BLONDE GIRL. They have clearly been talking for some time.

CBG : ...I just think it's what's best for me at the moment. I mean, there's so much pressure here, on my voice, and I'm putting so much pressure on my voice myself, and there's no point. [She looks at SNB as if expecting him to comment; he doesn't.] It's just not good for me, mentally or physically - I came here to be a singer and now I can't remember why I ever wanted to, you know? [She smiles brightly.] I'm so unhappy here. And there's just no need to put myself through that just for a piece of paper at the end of the year, so that's why I'm leaving.

SNB : Yeah, I...can understand that. It's just that you're...I mean, I've always - I've always - you're someone I've always - always - looked up to. [Behind his glasses, he blinks rapidly.]

CBG : [comically horrified] Oh, no! Surely not.

SNB : You've always been that one step ahead of me, you know. And you never turned up to half your classes, and you still got your degree last year, and I thought, "Well, if she can do it, then it's okay." If you were still here, then there was no way they could kick me out. And they would, you know. Robin hates me, he'd get rid of me in a heartbeat if he could. [Pause.] I'll miss you.

CBG : [bewildered, ignoring the rest of what he said] I don't...

SNB : [hurriedly] I mean, you've always been someone to fight my corner. I'll miss that.

CBG : [laughs] Oh, right. Well, you'll be fine. Anyway, so, I'll be leaving at the end of this term, and I could always come back next year - they'd love to have me - but I won't, I don't think. Not just for a bit of paper.

SNB : It's...only two more terms. It almost doesn't seem worth your leaving now. [Behind his glasses, he starts to cry, very slowly.]

CBG : Oh, but it is. [She hasn't noticed; she shoulders her bag.] Anyway, I'll be around for the next couple of weeks of term. And you've got my number, haven't you?

SNB : [hopelessly] Yes.

CBG : See you around over the next couple of weeks, then.

She picks up her folder and walks off towards the stairs. He watches her go, and once she is out of sight, lets his head fall back against the wall with a satisfactory, painful thud.

SNB : ...I should have told her years ago what I felt for her. Too late now, isn't it?

He picks up his books and opens the door to one of the practice rooms. Another student leaves. He goes in. The door closes behind him.


That happened yesterday, and I cried.

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