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Well, actually, I've pretty much avoided actual Cambridge drama by following my own advice - never the easiest thing in the world - and saying, 'Fuck it, it's not my problem, I'm going home'. Or at least, back to notintheseheels's. Where I am, not exactly happy, but definitely happier than I would have been had I let Camgoth nonsense invade my evening. Cambridge, I swear. It's the nexus of bad. I may have mentioned this before.

It's got some good people in it, though. Today was gorgeous, spent in the company of notintheseheels and sparksoflight, and even The Calling wasn't too full of stupid - well, actually, it was, but I ignored most of the stupid in favour of talking to people I liked, and meeting new people.

But it's frustrating, that even this ostensibly harmless visit has involved a walk in the cold and the dark and in tears. I loathe this place, even if its goth club is wonderful and some of its inhabitants are great.

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