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Scattered stuff from a Monday morning

1) Hi. My name is DurAnorak, and I need to lose not necessarily weight, but definitely inches; I don't fit my corsets any more. So please, if you're out with me, remind me to eat sensible things. This is the only time in the history or future of my journal that I will not summarily delete comments suggesting sensible things I could eat. It's also good incentive to get out and go dancing more often, since going dancing every week was always the best thing I could do for myself in terms of exercise - I am completely incapable of anything structured. Which, incidentally, reminds me...

2) ...I'll be at The Calling tomorrow. I'll be gone again on Wednesday morning, so catch me if you can and if you want to.

3) How do tags, as in 'we're letting you out of prison but' tags, actually work?

4) I need a big, serious makeup box. Where do I get one?

5) Electronic music is still brilliant and there is little to compare with the amusement of walking through the City listening to '22 Grand Job' by The Rakes.

That's all.

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