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She wanted everything and nothing now

I spoiled myself quite, quite terribly yesterday - I finally got around to buying some of those lovely Parisienne-esque plates they have in some of the shops at the moment, I spent far too much money on some impossibly gorgeous eyeshadow, I found a range of stunning cards (notintheseheels, can you e-mail me with an address so I can send you one? You have to see them), I picked up 'Snakedance' by The March Violets in its original beautiful snakeskin sleeve (plus a very strange-looking single by an 80s drag act that I've not dared listen to yet) and topped it all off in sheer self-indulgence by buying a few sheets of that wonderfully OTT flock-wallpaper wrapping paper they have in Paperchase at the moment. Materialistic joy fills my soul and I am very happy.

I'm actually making friends at college. I mean, proper call-me-if-you-need-me friends. It's great. Of course they're all gay, but that's hardly unbearable. I spent much of yesterday torturing our deeply fantastic choirmaster by talking about the boys on the bus at the weekend. Heh.

If you are insane, like me, you may wish to join me and some other pretty reprobates tonight at Rox Ya Box at the Arts Theatre in Soho (50, Frith Street) where our beloved Modern are playing; it opens at ten, though, and they'll be on at midnight, so I'd hate to keep any of you up past your bedtime. They are, however, the best band in the entire world, so I'll be there.

If you're less insane, but you still want to see them, this seems like a good time to point out that they're playing the Underworld in Camden on the 12th, and it would be very cool to see as many of you there as possible. They're being supported by Swarf, among others, and it looks like it'll be an extremely shiny gig. Do come.

Edit : Well well, the people on the forum are right and The Modern are indeed in Attitude magazine this month. Go, go, buy it, it's full of pretty anyway and there's a lovely photo of them and and.

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