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~yawn~ Here is today :

I am so, so tired. Not just 'oh-I'm-tired' tired, but that kind of bone-deep tiredness that one usually only finds in Arctic explorers and predictable SW:TPM fanfic.

I need to crash for a bit, and possibly discuss Juniat's sexuality, which could be fun and relaxing. ~ggls~

People have been complimenting me all day after I sang in a chapel practice this morning. It makes me feel really weird. All eepy. ~curls up in ball~ I mean, it's nice and all, but...you know.

Sara gave me the coolest ring. Zebraprint. And it suits me, which most rings don't. Yay her. Yay me. Yay.

Yes, by the way, someone today called Val J "Juniat" and I melted. There's just something about...just...the surname...and it's such a beautiful surname...and it's so army, just using the surname...and...and...oh....Val.....army......*oh*....~ggls~ To quote Harley, "Whoa. Spontaneous orgasm, dude."
(Yes, there is a Duran song called Too Much Information, use the title as you see fit. ~ggls~)

I'm singing with Ola at the moment. It's cool.


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