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I feel like I've gone back in time

Hi, hi, hi. Enjoy Hallowe'en, first things first, it's the day I've all been waiting for. Tonight I'll be going to see The Corpse Bride at Leicester Square or, I suppose, at the Trocadero, but I've no idea what time it's on, so I'll just head that way from college (where I'll finish at about five, so I'll get there before six) and buy things from HMV until there's a showing. katyha, I'd love to see you around there, any time after six really. Sorry, my organisation skills are always minimal and currently even more so, not that that's possible but I defy your paltry physics.

The other thing is that now that I've abandoned my journalfen journal I've got nowhere to put any slash that might occur to me, and on the basis of last night's encounter (help! please help me find them!) I suspect some slash may be occuring to me quite soon, so. Obligatory filter poll :

Would you want to be on a filter for slash?

Haven't we talked about this? Slash is Teh Wrong and also Teh Stupid. No.
No, but only because I know I won't read it.
Yes. I like slash. I might even read it.
Darling DurAnorak, your every word fascinates me and I want to be on all your filters.

No, I am not giving you an option for 'please make up my mind for me, I am weak and feeble and have lost my way' - if I want to filter you in anyway just out of spite, or filter you out just out of self-preservation, I have that right, but I want to know what you want. Have a good day my darlings. I'll see you on the other side.


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