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She even found Hallowe'en *tinsel*

asrana is the best best friend a best friend could wish for. Here I sit with a bag of Hallowe'en tat the like of which you have never seen. Hurray! for tinsel (seriously) and Marshmallows of Wrong and the most revolting candle I have ever seen and purple spiderwebs for the gay spider in your life and and. Yay!

In marginally less yay! news, I was intending to renew my subscription to the virus protection software I've been running since I got Sebastian when the student loan came through. Thus, I have tried today, but no matter what combination of information I put it, it refuses to accept my card details. Without the conversation getting into Geek Wars Part Deux - please - can anyone tell me what I should ideally do at this point, preferably involving me getting virus protection software again very soon?

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