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Music curiosity

Rang my mum last night and she told me that some government-type people had been round to talk to her about her doing some kind of conference about bringing music to children who might not otherwise hear or be involved in that much of it. We talked about it for a bit and I was left wondering how much music kids do come into contact with, and she's asked me to help her work out what to say, so, a few questions if you'd be so good. :) I won't put it in the form of a poll because I'm interested in what you've got to say as well as statistics.

* Did you have music lessons at your school? From what age? What did they involve?
* Do you remember your parents listening to pop music when you were young?
* When did you start listening to pop music for yourself? What medium were you discovering it through? (TV, radio, other kids at school, etc)
* What was your introduction to classical music?
* Were there choirs at your school? Were any of them compulsory? If you were in choir at any point, what kind of thing were you singing?
* Was there an orchestra at your school? If you played an instrument, was it compulsory to join?

Please, feel free to tell me anything you like, I really want to know what it's like in other schools and what it was like for people growing up in families where music wasn't, well, like it is in my family.

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