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Just reminding you all that I'm still alive.

Hello. I had a fantastic and lovely weekend, spent partly with katyha and friends and partly with asrana who took me to a stitching fair yesterday, which was marvellous. Last night's television seemed determined to make me go insane; not only was Waking The Dead as brilliant as ever (if not more so) but it also this week involves Stephen Moyer (Stephen Moyer!) as a psychopathic killer; then Channel 4 ran the 100 Greatest Sexy Moments which would have been very dull were it not for the inexplicable but extremely welcome presence of Nick and John from Duran Duran rhapsodising about how hot vampires are; then there was an advert for the new Gordon Ramsay series, with him in a bath. I mean, honestly.

I'm not sure what else to say, don't want to go into how I am, it wouldn't be productive or helpful. So I shall just tell you I now have a Hallowe'en table cloth - it's orange and it has little bats on - and I'm happy about that. Hope you're all all right.

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