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What the...

Oh, my god, if there's any way my subconscious could get any weirder I never want to find out about it. Last night I dreamed that spyinthehaus wrote me a long letter detailing His Big Secret, which turned out to be that in the summer, whilst working on scientific research out in the South American jungle with a number of minor British celebrities, Zoe Ball got drunk and gave him a dare, which resulted in him drinking the sickly aphrodisiac juice of the Moina Tree and then seducing Andi Peters.

Help. Me.

In other news, I had a lovely day on Saturday doing purchaseless shopping with countess_sophia, thekumquat, conflux and one of his girlfriends (who was very lovely, I just don't know her LJ name.) Yesterday was less lovely, but that's the product of me sitting in on my own watching a lot of Buffy. Never mind.

God. Andi Peters?

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