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* Still alive, despite appearances. Just not keeping in contact with anyone at all because the most I can manage is LiveJournal comments. That would be the way to get hold of me if you want to, unless I come and get hold of you some other way.

* ITV's new cheerful Saturday night entertainment, Afterlife, is going to occasion the creation of a new award at the next television awards - Most Melodramatic Acting In One Small Space Ever In The History Of Ever. Which meant I enjoyed it more than I might otherwise have done, because I couldn't stop laughing at all the hamming. Oh well.

* Waking The Dead still rules.

* The Modern's first video is on the Top Of The Pops website. Truly.

* I've spent all weekend trying and failing to tidy my house. I thought I'd try because I didn't have a deadline of any kind and it might be less frantic. Apparently I need the frantic. So I shall be doing it today instead.

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