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It is much, much too early. Ow. I would like to go back to bed. I'm not allowed. Question is, am I allowed to wear makeup to college? (I mean, technically obviously the answer is yes, but I mean 'am I just going to get looked at weird'.) College is astoundingly full of normal people - as previously observed, all the freaks are at art school, again - and I'm only just managing to cope there as it is. Is wearing electric blue eyeliner going to help, or hinder that? I don't know why I expect you to know - it's my brain, and besides, I'll have to leave before any of you have had time to answer. Never mind. I'll be all right. :)

And yesterday's news is that (bear with me, I know some of you aren't bothered) The Modern have revamped their already quite cool website and it is now officially paradise. There's a video and everything, please can I borrow someone's broadband and come over and watch it at some point soon? And wallpaper and a screensaver and new photos and and and. Not long until I see them again.


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