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Dear merry hells, as Marcus would say.

Last night katyha, adjectivemarcus and I made it through this. (lovelyoliver et al - you have seen this, right?) It was oddly brilliant, especially at the end, and even more so by comparison with what adjectivemarcus inflicted on me afterwards; the garish, horrifically over-the-top Tim Curry hell that was the Addams Family Reunion. Good grief. What an appalling film that is.

But it's been lovely to spend another quietish evening over here giggling at the bizarreness of humanity and that kind of thing. I've missed them. And now it's Saturday, which is also going to be a good day. Mmm, weekends. Now if only I could stop writing slash in my head. Oh, wait, that's good too. Never mind. And the shops are full of Halloween stuff. Hurrah.


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