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Thank you.

You are all extremely, fantastically lovely. The hugs all helped a lot (and the kittens and sloths and everything else) and I went back into college and did the things I was meant to and all that. Which is good. And then I went to bed at seven o'clock, and didn't wake up until now. Apparently depression is tiring. Oh, wait, I knew that.

But this morning things look better, and hopefully I'll be able to find a nisaba to share some gossip and hugs with this afternoon, and you're all lovely. So that's all good too. And I rang the student loan people and they're starting to sort things out there as well, so hopefully by the beginning of October I should have money, too. Hurrah.

Hope you're all okay. I've not been reading LJ for about a week; if there's anything I should know, do tell me. Sorry.

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