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I love my TV.

For tonight it has given me Ray Mears' Bushcraft, which I watched in tears for the most part. (I would talk about why, but we'd get into one of those discussions like we did with Robin Of Sherwood, and none of us wants that.) And then the first part of the new series of Waking The Dead, which was so good that it deserves its own post, tomorrow. And then Dead Ringers, featuring Gordon Ramsay's REAL Kitchen Nightmares - "I must carve the - oh my god! I've got mandibles!". And then, the recent-ish remake of Bedazzled. Yes, the one with Liz Hurley. Yes, the one that I don't think I've ever heard a single person say anything good about.

They're all wrong, it's so good I had to stop watching it because I missed the first fifteen minutes and now I want to buy it so I can see them. "But it's my soul! I can't give you my soul!" "What are you, James Brown?" Genius. And she's brilliant in it. I wonder what the reviewers wanted from it that they didn't get.

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