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Jeremy spoke in class today

PostSecret really is an unnerving and fascinating place to spend one's time. You wind up unsure whether you're thinking "My god, everyone in the world is so strange" or "My god, everyone in the world is so normal", and of course the secrets range from the comic and trivial to the huge, huge and awful, where you can't believe someone is holding that inside them all day, every day, without going completely mad.

I don't know how people keep secrets about themselves. I think about this every so often, but really, there's absolutely nothing I wouldn't tell absolutely anyone, if it came down to it. Not like I go around forcing obscure details of my life on random strangers, but my default state is to be honest and to talk. I suppose I've never really done anything that I'd need to keep secret for fear of losing my life, and I don't have a career to worry about. Those are the only two circumstances in which I'd think about not answering questions honestly or volunteering information, and the former seems sort of unlikely (if I do ever kill someone it will be in the middle of bloody Oxford Circus on a Saturday or something) and the latter should, if I do go for a career as a singer, be mostly not a concern.

Why do people have secrets? I mean, what's the predominant reason? What am I missing?

Anyway. Hello, it's Wednesday. notintheseheels comes back tonight, hurrah!

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