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Tsk. Actors.

Came home last night to find my dad on his feet shouting at his friend Rosalind "And they shall die! DIE, MARK ME -" and then turning to me to say "Oh, hello. Put the kettle on, will you?" Brilliant. I should write a post about what it's like at one of my dad's shows, really, except I think it'd be even less comprehensible than the one about my mum was.

I've lent Ros the only Kirsty MacColl album I have, because she's only just now getting into her and she's absolutely gutted that she's arrived at her too late - I promised I'd ask my friends if any of you had any video footage of her, because I've only got one or two things from Top Of The Pops and Ros'd love to see as much as she can. Anyone?

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