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Give me endless crime, be a criminal mastermind

Spent last night watching CSI, reminding myself of the laws of crime drama - in America, all crimes are solved within one hour but never without some further tragedy besides the original crime; in England we can solve crimes within one hour in London, but in the countryside it's more likely to take an hour and a half or even two hours, as everyone moves slower and you've got to get the squad cars through all the mud and up the hills.

And I thought, aren't we weird, watching things like that? And that maybe I should write a long post analysing the human fascination with crime. But you know what? I really can't be bothered and there are already hundreds of books on the subject. So I'll stick with saying for the nth time, Doesn't Jessica Fletcher *realise* that every time - every single time - she ever goes anywhere, someone gets murdered?
I think it's secretly her doing the murdering every single time.

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