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Tuesday appears to be happening to me.

One nightmare every half hour last night. Thanks, Morpheus. I particularly appreciated the one in which a transparent version of my mother was trying to shake me to get me to wake up from a nightmare because something terrible was happening and she needed my help. Thank you so much.

Never mind. I don't have to do anything today apart from worry about things, so I can catch up later. The slightly longer version of last night's post is that I went home with mum for Sunday/Monday morning so that I could rehearse for this total joke of a concert that I'm doing next weekend, and I was very nervous about rehearsing for some reason, but it went fine. Which was good. And the enormous family argument of doom - a pretty much inevitable occurrence - actually this time happened between my dad and my nan, without it directly involving me at all (I went and hid in my room), which at least made a welcome sort of change. I'm doing all right. Petrified about college, but there's nothing I can do to lessen that. Just have to see how it goes. Got this absurd concert to do first, after all. :)


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