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I've had a lovely day. I went across to Finchley Road and was sketched by a fabulous woman for several hours and felt gorgeous, which I'm sure you realise is bloody unlikely. She gave me a book of pictures of mad Japanese people and we talked for hours about all sorts of things - again. I've not been talking about this portrait my mum's commissioned, because it's gone alarmingly well, and I don't want to sound more self-obsessed than usual. But she's lovely, and what she sees is lovely, and therefore so is what she paints.

I ended up staying there for hours, and eventually left her so I'd be home in time to watch Messiah, but I got sidetracked by Books Etc in the implausibly gorgeous O2 shopping centre on Finchley Road. It's properly like a New York shopping mall in there, staircases with fountains and big fishtanks and all. I like it lots. Its Books Etc didn't manage to mug me in the end, but I think I should have bought this - although seeing how much cheaper it is on Amazon, maybe I'll wait a couple of weeks and get it when the money comes in, heh. Either way, though, it's a mindbendingly beautiful book - just stunning - and if you've ever got on with Edward Gorey or his various emulators then you need this as much as I do. Except that you've probably already got it and I'm late again, but I don't care. I have duck spring rolls and Kettle Chips, so I win.


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