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iTunes good, weekend good, music good, headaches bad, mornings bad.

Anything on this Friday? And while I'm here, notintheseheels, are you around tomorrow night? 'Cause I'm not sure when else I can see you, and I want to.

Mrrr. Mornings. They suck. Never mind, once I get across London today will be good. And the concluding part of Messiah tonight, although honestly, I was a bit disappointed with it last night. If the BBC are going to fling such hyperbolic trailers about the place, the least they could do is make it a little longer...
Oh, but the teasers for BBC 1's Autumn season have me all wide-eyed. I must know what some of those shows are.

I hope many more people caught Dungeons & Dragons last night and wound up sobbing into their dinner at the horror of it. :)

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