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In short, was good - involved much-publicised silliness on Friday night, a lovely day evening at katyha's with dr_d, lolliepopp, trishpiglet, babysimon and barking_watcher, then morning CD:UK silliness and discussion of Willy Cheesewonka followed by a brilliant party at some_fox and werenerd's, during which games were played, cocktails were drunk (by other people) and electropop and dinosaurs were discussed, among other things.

It was a good time, with only a couple of unfortunate panicy moments, and my friends are lovely, as it is always good to be reminded. I also wrote pretty synth boy slash and it occurred to me that I can now actually rip things, since I have a shiny new machine, so I might spend quite a lot of time doing that over the next few days.

Edit : Oh god it works. Excuse me while I squeal for joy.

Hope you and yours are all all right.


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