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It makes so much sense, it's no coincidence...

Well, that was an unexpected and hilarious end to an excellent night. Electric Dreams was brilliant, of course, bliss to be there with notintheseheels and dancing is good and so on and so forth. On the way out, joysilence's sister finally recognised me and said hello, and we ended up getting the bus back together, because we're in the same general southern direction. Since she, too, was at the gig I went to the other night, we struck up a conversation about the band.

I didn't time how quickly it turned to which of the boys in the band we thought was doing which of the other boys in the band, but it was a matter of less than ten minutes. There followed an extremely silly, very lengthy and probably quite frightening for anyone listening, discussion about the completely obvious ways in which the various band members are together and indeed got together. It involved pigeons and little neat sandwiches in a lunchbox. And Brideshead Revisited, and nibbles in dishes.

We are bad people. But we are bad people with all the same ideas. I'd be unnerved if I weren't still giggling so much.



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