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Then bullets fly, and I don't leave it to chance

I've had better weekends, though it was lovely to see joysilence for synthpop and tea and cake on Saturday. We watched John Foxx videos and marvelled at the beauty of the Foxx Bone Structure and laughed at Animotion because it is the only possible response to them, and she set my mind at rest about a number of things, because she is lovely.

Somewhere between falling into bed last night and falling out of it this morning I appear to have completely done my wrist in, which makes typing really quite painful. So one, I sulk, because it hurts, and two, I demand that you people entertain me, because I can't particularly kill time by playing Insaniquarium or whatever.

Seriously, if you can cheer me up a bit today, I'll be grateful. Yesterday really sucked.

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