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Morpheus is on holiday

I didn't sleep very well, and when I did, I had two uncalled-for dreams.

The first must have been someone else's, I think, and I feel obscurely guilty for having had it. I dreamed that I was working in a children's hospital, for some reason, and I was sitting in one of the little rooms looking at a bed that didn't have a child in it any more and quietly singing the song I'd last sung to the child who'd been there, when the door opened and Mo Mowlam came in and sat down opposite me, and she said, "I'm going soon, and I always loved that song. Will you sing it with me?" So I did - we did - and we cried a lot, and hugged each other very tight, and then she wasn't there. This was not one of my dreams - I'm certain of it. I'm sorry that whoever's it was didn't get it; it was moving and lovely. I'd never heard the song before, and don't remember it now.

The second was one of those really irritating dreams where you dream that some things you really want have happened, and then you wake up and realise it was only a dream, but it sort of stays with you all day nonetheless. I had a date, with this guy I know, I somehow managed to take him back to my house in Sussex, he was really impressed with my record collection, my parents loved him, &c, &c. Bah. Damn you, Morpheus. If you're even in the office today, which seems unlikely.

But today joysilence is coming over, which should be excellent, so hopefully while I'm busy going "Look! John Foxx videos!" and suchlike at her, the dreams will dissolve quietly like good dreams should.


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