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I need professional help.

Bullet points - too tired for anything else.

* Poptimism is a fantastic creation. The music is brilliant. Just brilliant.

* I mostly had an equally good night, although left early due to being made ill by someone's funny cigarettes. Sigh.

* Things I managed not to say include : "Bloody hell, you've got hips!" and "I'm sorry, I know you detest me, but could you please do that again? It's really hot. Thank you."

* I'm not sure which is going to take longer to recover from, seeing barrysarll dance to 'Ooh Stick You' by Daphne & Celeste or seeing him, uh, dance with kitty_goth to 'Shut Up And Sleep With Me' by Sin With Sebastian. Which, incidentally, it was great to hear.

* Much thanks to boyofbadgers for coming over and chatting to me around about the time when I was thinking I should probably leave.

* People are beautiful. No, really, they are, when they're dancing to songs they love. It's the best thing to watch. The best thing.

* Busted! People dancing to Busted! And not being ashamed of it! Hurray!

* You make me come unglued. I just can't help myself.


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