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A little sheepish about this.

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.

1. How did you meet barrysarll?
Over the top of someone's head at B-Movie.

2. What would you do if you had never met grahamb?
Have had my faith in humanity shaken rather less over the last few years.

3. What do you honestly think of deborah_c?
Oh, I think she's lovely, but sometimes paralysed by shyness that I sort of wish I could wave a wand and take away from her.

4. Would or did mock2 and zeke_hubris go out?
...um. No. But. God. I'll be over here, thinking about that.

5. Have you ever liked thalinoviel?
Yes! Yes yes yes.

6. If alienfox died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would need him/her to know?
That the world had been made more fabulous by his existence. By quite a frighteningly long way.

7. Would corchen and lolliepopp make a good couple?
I doubt it, gorgeous and lovely though they both are.

8. Describe meirion in 3 words:
Troubled, lovely, brilliant.

9. Do you think latexiron is hot?
Well, yeah. Also scary, but definitely hot.

10. Would alienfox and fruufoo make a lovely couple?
Heh. Erm, no. Since Neila is the gayest thing in the history of gay, and all that.

11. What do you think of when you see zeke_hubris?
Tentacles and missed opportunities.

12. Tell me something humiliating about lolliepopp:
No. Is anyone answering this question? No.

13. Do you know any of robinbloke's family members?
Not that I'm aware of.

14. What's ankaret's favorite color?
Oh, I don't know, but I'd guess at black. :)

15. On a scale of 1-10 how cute is hilarityallen?
At least a 7.

16. What would you do if florence90 just professed their undying love for you?
Boggle, and then check that she wasn't extremely drunk, which is rather more likely than the alternative...

17. What language does mock2 speak?
What an excellent question that is. One of his own devising, which is very cleverly and intricately designed.

18. Who is hiddenpaw going out with?
I've no idea. I didn't think he was, at the moment.

19. Is elfgeek a boy or a girl?
A boy.

20. Would webcowgirl and florence90 make a good couple?
I think probably not.

21. Who do you think envoy would be great with from this list?
Oh, loads of people. But especially maneatingtigger, obviously.

22. When was the last time you talked to latexiron?
At my birthday drinks in June.

23. What is thalinoviel's favorite band?
She's not particularly into music.

24. Does corchen have any siblings?
I've no idea.

25. Would you ever date robinbloke?
Yes. In a heartbeat. Tomorrow. Today.

26. Would you ever date meirion?
I don't think I'd be able to give her enough, so, no.

27. Is envoy single?

28. What is ankaret's last name?
I'm sure I do know the answer to this, but I'm not in the habit of giving out real names on the internet. Besides, I can't remember...

29. What is webcowgirl's middle name?
I'm certain I don't know that one.

30. What is deborah_c's fantasy?
Or the answer to this.

31. Where does elfgeek live?
Or this, in fact, any more.

32. Would you make out with barrysarll?
Know the answer to this one, though.

33. Are grahamb and robinbloke best friends?
Not friends at all, as far as I'm aware.

34. Does meirion like ankaret?
I don't think they've ever met. I reckon they might well get on, though.

35. How did you meet webcowgirl?
At the New Year's party over at St. R. She absolutely charmed me in every possible way.

36. Is latexiron older than you?

37. Is fruufoo the sexiest person alive?
Well, no. That, obviously, is David Tennant. This week.

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