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Made adjectivemarcus come and see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the IMAX cinema last night, which proved to be one of the best nights I've had in ages - it was such bliss to see it again. I think it's a film I probably won't ever get tired of watching; so much about it is so perfect.

In the cinema lobby they had little model glass elevators with Charlie and Willy Wonka in. One side of the elevators is covered in little mock buttons, all named. Without stealing one of them, I couldn't tell you everything, but I can tell you there are rooms named Mango Lassie Come Home, Incompetent Fools, Eatable Bikini Lines, Gilbert's Grapes, Credible Undies, and for some reason, Confessing Room. Oh Tim Burton, you wacky funster you.

I really am not sure I can resist the pull of Poptimism tonight. The thought of being somewhere where it's okay to dance to Girls Aloud is awfully compelling.

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