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Things, and stuff.

Theory lesson involved long discussion of 20th century music history and its parallels with 19th/20th century philosophy. I love having teachers who are prepared to take something you're interested in and run with it. We then moved on to Rothko. Will someone come round the Tate Modern with me sometime soon, please? I should be able to manage more than three rooms without breaking into hysterical laughter this time; the trick is not to read the captions.

How many of you are doing Synthetic Culture on Friday? And would anyone like to do Buttoned Down Disco instead? Or is there something else I should be at? Or should I take the sensible course of action and stay at home with my cross stitch? Unique Fairly common, actually, chance to decide what I do with my life this weekend.

Back to Lewes this afternoon for my incompetent dentist to no doubt arse things up again. I concur with djm4 - August sucks.


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