DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,


Without wishing to appear mental - and yes, I know, who am I kidding, precisely - there is nothing like waking up at seven in the morning for a lesson you know you're going to enjoy. And then being hit in the face with a panic attack.

I just. God, it's such a ridiculous cliche to sit here whimpering 'But I've been doing better'; I have, but presumably that was, I don't know, temporary, a respite, brought on by having damn-all to do all summer, god knows. But they're back, and I still have to go to this lesson because it's the last one she can give me before she goes back to the States. And in any case, the real point is that in less than a month I'll be back to having to do this every day, and, well, frankly the thought makes me want to just give up on everything right now.

Damn. Damn. Oh well. I'll get off the internet and play some music and hope it helps, I guess.


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