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Some answers.

sarcaustik - Oh, dear. I'm sorry. Still, Justin Hawkins makes everything better. Unless he is being slashed with his brother in poorly-written BDSM MPreg fic.

rathenar - I don't even know which one he *is*. Oh, and congratulations, anyone I know?

ajva - I swear someone told me that in the last one of these I did. Maybe it was you.

sparrowpunk - somewhat useless but heartfelt ~hugs~.

puddingcat - Woe. You will be missing Hamster on TV talking about the evils of drinking.

mrtreacle - 1) Brilliant! and 2) not so brilliant, but also not so likely, unless it's what you actually want out of life.

nannyo - I sympathise hugely. Um, with you, not the armadillos.

barrysarll - You are quite, quite right in your belief (the south of France is particularly good for this). And no, not particularly, though if I'd thought I could get away with it that's what I'd have answered yours with.

scarethewolves - If you need me to come and rescue you, I will. And I know just what you mean. Though not, obviously, about coffee.

ghoti - I love you.

battlekitty - Excellent! Something I've always wanted to do.

arkady - I'm sorry. I'm not going to make it along myself, I have a pet synthesist visiting. This is both brilliant and frustrating as I really wanted to go this month.

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