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A while ago I came across this on my friend Arii's wonderful site. I laughed a lot.
Imagine, then, my utter jubilation when I came back to the house this evening to discover the following pinned to the noticeboard :

Memo from : R. SAUNDERS
To : All houses
Subject : M5 Mice Balls

Dear Houses,

We have noticed very recently a problem with missing mice balls in M5. This is obviously alarming for a number of reasons.

We have not historically had a problem in this area, although state schools had a real problem with it about 5 years ago.

Please speak to your girls about their role in preventing and stamping out this problem.


Indeed. Stamp out mice balls theft, everyone!

In other news?

Valerie Juniat is 'experimenting'. My life is over. ~groans and falls off world~


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