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Just to pass the time

Poll #537423 Standard DurAnorak poll #whatever

Tell me something I don't know :

nannyo - I knew that! I did know that! Because I watch The Really Wild Show from time to time. Seriously. :) (P.S. Turned off Cash In The Attic in disgust today; Alistair is a whore and he and Jonty are so doing it.)

valkyriekaren - I can't guess, tell!

dennyd - Heh. Well, all right, $other_body_part_that_wasn't_her_brain.

moral_vaccuum - everyone knows that. Can't wait to hear more of your Gary Le Strange experience though. :)

fiona_kitty - rather less than that today, but thank you, sweetie. Love you.

_proserpina - to me that's interesting, and of course we must! I'll get organised soon. :)

navigatorsghost - I'll get on AIM again one of these days and you can tell me.

azekeil - thank you, but it's not actually all that likely.

thalinoviel - your other half is far too nice though.

stephmog - No. It is a bit goth of you though. ;) But seriously, really, no. Also ~hug~.

aton_beton - Yes, it is. Also technically illegal. Oh, wait, you're probably not thinking about the same thing I am. Never mind.

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