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Sunday morning going slow, I'm talking to the radio

I've just had a very intense moment of 'Christ, you're not "gothic", you can't even spell Morticia'; now I'm wishing I were goth enough to be a proper elitist about it all, but it'll wear off. Today has in the end been mostly spent making tapes for travelling (it's essential you know) and tidying up so I can find the things I'll spend tomorrow packing.
Edit : Oh, and turning up fanfiction I've no recollection whatsoever of writing, which is a bit unfortunate as it's quite good. And contains the line "Too fucking confident for a zombie." Which I quite like.

I tried to do more worthwhile things but my brain just wasn't in it, it being a Sunday and all. Never mind, Top Gear in forty minutes, eye candy all the way. Will Not Write Top Gear Slash. No. No. No.

I miss my celebrity stalker. He's off watching cars go past TV cameras, for fun, like much of the rest of my Flist. (Top Gear is different, I watch it for the eye candy and the cheerful xenophobia.)

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