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The girls with a passion for fashion.

Well, here's interesting for you - for a good six months I've been determinedly claiming that 'chav' is only a classist insult if it's used as such, and that only idiots are using it as such, and that I'm not one of them. This is probably still true, but I might stop using it.

If you're expecting some 'vive la revolution' political reason for this, would you check again whose journal you're reading? Thank you. No, this is to do with clothes.
Because yesterday I started reading The Way We Wore, by ex-punk ex-New Romantic ex-TV presenter ex-Spandau Ballet associate ex-journalist Robert Elms. (God knows what he does these days apart from appear on TV shows talking about the things he used to do. I like him, though.) Books that focus so tightly on one aspect of people - clothes, hair, makeup, music taste, sexual preferences, houses, whatever it happens to be - almost inevitably make you notice that particular aspect of everyone you see in the street while reading them - or speculate, at least. So I've got through a couple of chapters about mods, in this book of his, and then I'm walking home and there's a lone girl prancing through Elephant wearing a pink-and-grey shirt, a blue denim ra-ra skirt, some pretty unfortunate fake tan, huge earrings, etc etc.

And I looked at her and I thought, She looks fantastic.

And it's true. She did. The thing is, they do. Chavs, I mean - look fantastic. The ones that try, rather than the ones who think you can put on some hoop earrings and that's all you need to do - the same as with any fashion craze. But the ones that put effort into it, and because it is a fashion craze 'for the masses' that's quite a *lot* of girls (and boys), look good. Wonderful, even. How could I not see this before? Well, I was blinded by their general total lack of anything resembling manners or social skills or exercise of restraint in terms of drinking, shouting, driving, and singing Christina Aguilera songs badly on buses. But that's nothing to do with their clothes.

So, since I've always maintained that when I use it it's as an insult to their style, I'm going to stop using 'chav' as an insult. God, no, they have amazing style. And when it passes, there'll still be loud obnoxious teenagers getting drunk everywhere, they'll just be wearing something else, but they won't be chavs any more even though the bit I really wish to insult is still there.

I mean, feel free to argue with me on a wider scale, but as a personal, erm, realisation thing, I think the logic is sound.

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