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From various people.


I AM: ill.
I WANT: the red vinyl 'Life In Tokyo' that my blue vinyl 'Sometimes I Feel So Low' is missing.
I HAVE: no. money. Until tomorrow.
I WISH: that 'just stopping being depressed' worked.
I HATE: colds. Colds really suck and must die.
I MISS: asrana, dreamfracture, lovelyoliver, giolla, people, things.
I FEAR: bad fanfiction purposely written by adjectivemarcus.
I HEAR: 'Fly In The Ointment' by Wire going round and round my head.
I SEARCH: Google for this one damn song on a regular basis but never find it.
I WONDER: when Hollyoaks are going to get another lot of murders in and become interesting again.
I REGRET: everything.
I LOVE: music. And my cyber anemone. It is my friend.
I ACHE: all over, just at the moment. Meh.
I ALWAYS: try to say what I think except when it's most important to me to do so.
I AM NOT: happy.
I DANCE: too rarely these days.
I SING: all the time.
I CRY: every hour or so at the moment.
I WRITE: slash, in my head, ABOUT EVERYTHING.
I WIN: because Ric from Spray is still writing to me.
I LOSE: at life, and at poly.
I CONFUSE: easily when I'm ill.
I NEED: more music. Much much more music.
I SHOULD: go into the local surgery at 8am tomorrow.
I WILL: , hopefully.


You keep a diary: Just LJ, and DJ.
You like to cook: Yes. I just don't do it often.
You have a secret you have not shared with anyone: Definitely not.
You set your watch a few minutes ahead: No. It would drive me nuts.
You believe in love: Of a kind.


The weirdest person you know: By what definition of weird? This bloke in Cambridge, anyway.
The loudest person you know: Our ex-cleaning lady at home. Her laugh could shatter paving stones.
The person that knows the most about you: asrana, probably.
Your crush: Currently latexiron. And Hugh Dennis, obviously.


Take a shower everyday: Bath, more often, but yes.
Think you know you've been in love: Yes.
Want to get married: No. I'd like to do it in a music video, though, so I got to wear the dress.
Have any tattoos/where: No. I'd like one, though.
Piercings/where: at present : Just my ears, and no more, ever.
Get motion sickness: Only if I read in the back of a car.
Think you're a health freak: Good god, no.
Get along with your parent(s): No. Sometimes. No.
Like thunderstorms: More than almost anything else.


Ryan: Giggs. Sorry, envoy.
Rob: notintheseheels's other half.
Drew: For some reason, Devon Sawa. Does anyone know why? Because I don't. Was there someone in Casper called Drew?
Heather: Heathers. Surely most people do.
Will: Susan Cooper novels.
Paul: ciphergoth, obviously.
John: My grandad, or the Cambridge John.
Laura: Girl I knew and had something of a thing with at Roedean.
Alex: One of the passing best friends from prep school.
Justin: the mental image of a cauliflower, beatboxing.
Ricky: A summer boy, a lovely boy, haystack hair and wide dark eyes.
Jacob: The bible, I suppose.
Jack: 1888.
Graham: zotz.
Lisa: Simpson.

Cut the last few sets of questions because I could. I really hope there's some decent TV on tonight.


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