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Not good.

According to my parents, and this has always been the case, nothing that happens in my life is allowed to make me unhappy because I bring it all on myself. Though this is a bonkers point of view, they do have something there. I know this is a tiresomely angst-ridden LJ post and we don't really need any more of those, but I really do wish I had the courage and wherewithal to die now. My parents have given up, I've given up, my teachers have given up, it really seems to be about time for whatever keeps me breathing to join the bandwagon. I am tired of being alive.

Like I said, this is a tiresomely angst-ridden post and you're free to roll your eyes and pass by. (I don't need hugs or tea and sympathy, I need a truckload of cash and my own house.) That's not to say this isn't really how I feel, because it is, but I probably won't feel like this for all that long. To me, though, that doesn't matter, because it's so overwhelming now, and I know that even though there's an other side to it, it's only so much time before I feel like this again. And god damn it, that's really no way to live a life, which is one of the several reasons I don't want to go on doing it.

Stephen Moyer is awfully cute, though.

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