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Boredom and Fridays bring lyric quiz memes.

You all know the rules of all the different ones by now. The number of songs varies, but the last one I saw was 20, and I'm bored, so 20 it shall be. First line of the first 20 songs to turn up on my shuffled playlist; I'll cross them out as they're guessed. Why not, it's only a few minutes of your life. Although I admit I've been a bit arbitrary about what constitutes the first line. :)

1. One rule for us, for you another

2. The Salvation Army band played 'Life In A Northern Town', The Dream Academy - zotz

3. She's lost in coma where it's beautiful

4. I pictured a rainbow 'The Whole Of The Moon', The Waterboys - kelemvor

5. I took my baby to the doctor

6. A white house, a white room

7. Called you so many times today 'Can't Stand Losing You', The Police - beaniedad

8. I saw you there, just standing there 'Doctor! Doctor!', Thompson Twins - purplerabbits and zotz

9. Scurrying across the broadwalk 'European Son', Japan - purplerabbits

10. In a forest pitch dark... 'Isobel', Björk - beaniedad

11. You walked into the room, I just had to laugh 'Change', Tears For Fears - purplerabbits

12. Excuse me... 'Twisted', Wayne G vs Stewart Who - some combination of ciphergoth and zotz

13. I see you on the street and you walk on by 'Open Your Heart', Madonna - cavalorn

14. The revelation! 'Juke Joint Jezebel (Metropolix Mix)', KMFDM - battlekitty

15. I got your picture of me and you 'Turning Japanese', The Vapors - cavalorn

16. Could be...who knows? "Something's Coming" from West Side Story - mogigraphia

17. Here I go, out to sea again... 'Wonderful Life', Black - gnimmel

18. It's poetry in motion 'She Blinded Me With Science', Thomas Dolby - purplerabbits

19. She lit a cigarette, both hands behind her back 'Imagination', Belouis Some - zoo_music_girl

20. I'm a friend of Mr Pastry! 'Friends', Adam Ant - purplerabbits

Edit : You lot are much too good at this. ~s~

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