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My house is a cake.

Well. Mum made a cake in the shape of the front of my house. And then made another cake because she was worried the first one wouldn't be good enough. And therefore not only is my cake a house, but my house is, to some extent, all cake. I can't complain. ~grin~

It's hot to a really unnecessary level today, but I've mostly avoided going out, and have therefore had a really, really lovely day with asrana and bits of my wayward family. I also have had some of the best presents ever, which is, y'know, good - in addition to all the cross-stitch related shiny, and the really gorgeous set of cutlery my aunt and uncle got me which makes me feel like I may actually have to grow up at some point, I have a) and iPod, and for those of you thinking 'but her computer is too old to hook up to one of those', well, yes, b) a new computer.
Like, a really shiny new computer with a 19" monitor and stuff. Before you all ask me 'what kind? what does it do?' I have no idea whatsoever. But it's coming up to London with my mum next week, and someone can come and help me work it out then, though it may well be my godfather's boyfriend.

Mmm. Happy. I have many shiny things and feel more different today than I have done on other birthdays. This one does feel marginally less arbitrary.

Back tonight, see katyha tomorrow (what time?) - I've had e-mail telling me Electric Dreams is 'going out with a bang' tomorrow night, free entry and all, so I'll be going along and if anyone wants to join me, though I understand it's not all that convenient, I'd like that.


Old. er.
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