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You make me feel like a natural woman

I think I've fallen in love with Simon King. This is a problem, as that was the last show of the BBC's nonpareil programme Springwatch, and I won't be seeing him again until this time next year. Oh well, there's always Gordon Ramsay.

I've had a gorgeous day. No, really - quiet, involving sleep and cross stitch and going out to buy coke with the wind whipping through my coat as I listened to 'I Like Goils' by Type O Negative and unnerved people in the street. It's good to be home, though I miss some of the people from Cambridge, of course - just not the atmosphere of the city. I might have to do some writing about that at some point.

I love asrana. It seems very important to me to say that today. She's coming home with me tomorrow to spend the weekend in our house in Sussex, and it's going to be lovely and at some point I'm going to turn 21 (actually at two in the morning on Sunday), and there's nobody I'd rather have there than my best friend. Yay for best friends. Yay for friends, generally, although not quite so yay for turning 21, which is somewhat alarming. Never mind, I'm still young compared to most of you lot. ~grin~

Mmrr. Having discovered that with time YouSendIt will upload things for me, I do wish I had a way to rip things to MP3. RealPlayer says it will, but all I get is an MP3 of very faint white noise. Any clues?

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