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Geek sex.

For reasons as yet undisclosable (actually we'll probably never be able to, but never mind) fiona_kitty and I were discussing what constituted 'geek sex' just now, and she suggested that it involved having a keyboard beside you during the sex, and I said, 'Sex that is silent but for the sound of someone typing "Oh god, oh god, oh god".

Then we looked at each other and realised this was a strangely attractive thought. And then how utterly odd we were. So I felt I had to post about it to give you all another chance to laugh at me.

And, since it won't fit anywhere in the story I'm writing, I'll put this here :

His eyes are shut, shut tight; he doesn't need to open them, the keys under his fingertips are old friends. And his mouth is open, breathing stuttering and shocked, but he never says a word; the only sound in the half-dark, gasping near-silence is the clicking as long fingers type, desperate, over and over.

Oh god. Oh god. Oh god.

Happy Tuesday, Fiona.


(Odd. But you knew that.)
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