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Film total for Cambridge so far

Natural Born Killers : without exception the best film I've ever seen.

Friday 13th part 6 : not actually the worst film I've ever seen, but comically bad nonetheless. "I'll paint your brains over my walls...using my moustache as a brush!" And all that sort of thing. Interesting to have actually seen one of the films of this franchise, because I'm now convinced not to see any of the others - for once not because they'll scare me but because there's very little to latch onto. World needs better monsters than that, really.

Hellraiser : Bloodline : surprisingly good. And shiny. And a Hellraiser film. Happy now. Must own it.

Bubba Ho-Tep : What the bloody hell? Never mind, I still cried at the end, so it must have been good.

Nightmare On Elm St - Dream Warriors : far, far more terrifying than the first one. My skin is still crawling slightly. But good - really remarkably good - which I couldn't necessarily have said about the first. Soundtrack and cast hair by Dokken. It's all good.


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