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Attempting to achieve some sort of Plan

I've yet to hear from dennyd (*poke*) as to whether I'm going up to Cambridge tomorrow, or on Saturday. But that aside for the moment, dreamfracture, I'm intending to land at your feet on Saturday; pick myself up and dust myself down to land at lovelyoliver's on Sunday, stay there Monday (that's ok, isn't it?) and then it's pretty much anyone's guess until I have to be home on Thursday night. Late Thursday night, though, so, whenever. fiona_kitty, want to see you. dreamfracture, want to see you for more than just Saturday. wildeabandon, rathenar, coffee or lunch or something?

Thereafter, home, Friday morning theory lesson, Friday evening down to Sussex with asrana to celebrate my birthday (on Sunday) in a best friend sort of way, only with added parents. Back on Sunday night (or, possibly, Monday) - that's Monday 20th; does anyone want to do Electric Dreams with me that night, perhaps? I've not been in much too long.

After that I'm open to suggestions or happy to spend the week quietly at home. Until the evening of Friday 24th when I expect you to turn up to a pub (I promise I'll tell you which one before then), with as many of you in eyeliner as can square it with your conscience.

Is there anything else I'm meant to be doing? Just so I know?

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