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I just dreamed that my mother had forced me back to school, only now it wasn't school, because it was held in my house, and it had turned into some kind of horror movie boot camp, which sounds hilarious now, as does the thing where we had to figure out a load of band names on an enormous vinyl tablecloth map, because then they'd give us barcodes, from which we could get food (yes, it was rather like Big Brother now I come to think of it) - it all sounds so funny, and I couldn't get the people in my room to help because they were so overjoyed that I was there that they were dancing around on the floor, which caused one of the teachers to come up and electrocute them.

No, really. Dead. Which made it less funny. As did the bit where my mother came to see how I was doing and I lost it, I grabbed at her and dug my nails in and said please, please take me home, please, this is horrific and I can't stay, please please please. And she wouldn't.

This morning I have a theory lesson. One, short, informal, harmless theory lesson. But this is what that dream was about. And I'm glad I have to leave the house now, because otherwise I'd be doing myself some serious damage. Fuck. I really hate being me. I really hate it.


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