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No cornflakes this time, though.

Last night I dreamed that asrana and I climbed onto a bus in Brighton, from a tree, and landed on the back seat on the top level, giggling and breathless, to find ourselves confronted with 'Jesse'. And I was hyper, and giddy, so I squeakily introduced asrana to him, and he grinned at her, and then looked at me with extreme disdain, so I tried to calm down, mostly failed. And asrana was tired (naturally) and looked it, so 'Jesse' tugged her around until she was resting her head in his lap, and the filter between my brain and my mouth was on holiday so I started saying 'Hey, I could be tired too, for all you know' and 'I saw you first', jokingly, until I saw that 'Jesse' was counting things on his fingers, and I asked him what, and he smiled pleasantly and said 'Just counting the ways in which you're not helping your case'. So I shut up.

And this morning I'm insanely jealous of asrana for having her head in the lap of a man she quite possibly doesn't even know exists, wouldn't recognise if she saw him on the street, and wouldn't touch with a bargepole if introduced. Dreams are a silly business.

Oh well. The other night I dreamed in Lego Star Wars. I was Captain Panaka and I'd let Queen Amidala get killed, and I wanted to kill myself but I couldn't because I was lego and my arms wouldn't bend and my gun was too big for my body.


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